The Manifest-Station is a place for words. We are looking for honest writing that has heart.

We want to be moved.

We want Oh Wow...Oh Wow kind of posts. We want the I have to put down my cup of coffee (or wine) and give this my full attention kind of stuff.

We are looking for fantastic writing. Gut wrenching, honest and brave writing. Period. We don’t care if you are a well known author or a computer programmer who secretly writes at night.  

Three things to note:

1.  Include your twitter handle (if you have one) on the cover letter so that we can reference it in any tweets about an accepted piece.

2.  Please make sure that your submission is polished.  Should your piece be selected for publication, any edits or changes you desire will require a new submission.

3.  While we do accept previously published pieces, they need to be of exceptional quality to warrant re-publication on our site. Please indicate if the piece has been published before and where. Publication on your personal blog is perfectly fine, but we may ask that you take the post down if we publish it on The Manifest-Station.

About Photos: Feel free to attach a photo of yourself and /or feature photo if you want us to consider using it, should your piece be accepted for publication.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we cannot offer individual feedback, but we are grateful that you considered The Manifest-Station for your submission.

Now, dazzle us.
We want fresh writing from writers under 30. Send us your essays. 
We leave it up to you for this one.
We are looking for your stories.
Raw, real, funny, devastating, shit-filled but not bullshit-filled.
Anything that YOU feel works with the idea of no bullshit and motherhood.

We are so excited for this!
Guidelines: We want serious, good stuff here. Shero stuff. Teacher who changed your life. Person who inspired you and never knew it. Fluff won't work for this. The point is to create a body of work that demonstrates how important women are to each other. How life changing a mentor can be, etc. We want young women interviewing each other (over 18 or parental permission needed). Young women interviewing older women. Older women get the drift. Inspiring interviews between women. 

Follow @girlpoweryouareenough on Instagram. And get writing!!

Essays should be no longer than 3,000 words. Please include a short bio. 

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